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Birikim Atelier is a platform from İzmir that deals with cultural production covering different disciplines. It organizes events that add the products that have been created to the accumulation of more people, and brings together people who work and multiply to contribute to these experiences with their own production.


The platform, which has been conducting film reading workshops in different parts of the city since 2016, works with the project team on short film production, graphic design,


visibility in art and event management. He is developing projects on event management workshops that will raise awareness in art production with his works that started in 2019.


Its ongoing events include the monthly short film talk and screening series titled “Alternative Short”, which has been held at the French Cultural Center under the partnership of since 2017.


Here, in the field of short films, the potential of the city is gained visibility to large masses; by bringing the director and production team together with the audience, an environment of dialogue open to interaction is offered.


Held in Greece in 2018 Balkans Can Kino Film Festival series in a selection while posting this from the movies shorter located, to strengthen the communication at international festivals in the coming period, to mediate participation in festivals of short films from Turkey, director participation is expected to become an integral part of the event. Birikim Atelier will continue to contribute to works that raise awareness in all disciplines.

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