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In 2009 the City and Province of l'Aquila were almost completely destroyed in a devastating 

earthquake. Once famous for its cultural heritage, the Province is still waiting for the wounds to be healed and, meanwhile, is fighting against the emigration of young people who are taking their chances elsewhere. Like the Province of L'Aquila in 2009, Izmir was hit hard by an earthquake in October last year.  The artist Martina Riescher aims to bring together the communities of l’Aquila and Izmir, that have suffered the same brutal fate and are torn to pieces by the economic and social consequences and wants to create a sustainable, long lasting connection between them. By greeting each other with a virtual “Hello” through a short video, the people of l’Aquila and Izmir show their sympathy to the other community. The videos will be projected in the streets of both places in the same day. 

To be part of the project "Hello World", all you have to do is shoot a small video that can last between 30 seconds and one minute, in which you, a family member, a friend or even a group of people greet the camera from your/their favourite spots in your hometown. You are free to interpret it ar- tistically or keep it simple. E-mail it to us with your name and surname to be added in the credits and don’t forget a phone number, where we can reach you. 

until June 30th 2021 

shoot the video horizontally with your mobile phone or camcorder, then save and send without compression.



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