Balconnection Project in collaboration with “13m² Art Collective”
Artists : Canan Budak & Amar Kılıç
The artwork title:“Guest“
Place: balcony of “13m² Art Collective”

Şar Mahallesi. Kültür Sokak/ Mardin/Turkey

The exhibition will continue untill October 15 , 2021.

As part of the Balconnection Project and collaboration with “Karantina Mekan”
Between August 25 -September 14, 2021, artist Ali Kanal will exhibit his work “SHAME” in the window of the “Karantina” building.


The artwork titled “Aporia/Sınır“ of the artist Damla Gök is on exhibition curated by Yekateryna Grygorenko on the balcony of Kıvanç Çetin house between 
August 18 - September 5 - 2021

Bostanlı Mh. Cemal Gürsel Cd. 476/3 kat 2- daire 4/ İzmir /Türkiye

Balconnection as a part of “The Walk” project, with “Spaces of Culture” support and contribution of “Rumeli Göçmenler dayanışma derneği” and Efes Selçuk Municipality presents “ARAF” / “Purgatory” on the Ephesus - Selçuk stop,
04. 08. 2021 , Saat: 21:00 
Selçuk  / on facade of A.R.T.&M.S. House

The Balconnection team prepared a multidisciplinary, participatory art project based on not only immigration but also the interrupted migrations and being stuck somewhere in between.Özgür Ceylan's art video: "All the Way"; Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi’s art video: "Arafabad" and with Murat Savaşkan, "Araf", a collage of audio - installation will be seen. We are grateful for the very valuable contribution of Yeşim Kopan (the sound of the doll in the show) and Sakine Kayhan's ending lullaby.Special Thanks to Dr. Murat Vedat Yazıcıoğlu for his valuable contribution. 

Within the scope of the “Walk” project, the Balconnection project organized creative drama workshops for children in cooperation with the Efes Selçuk Municipality.

05.07.2021  10:30-11:30 / 15:00-16:00
06.07.2021  10:30-11:30 / 15:00-16:00
07.07.2021  10:30-11:30 / 15:00-16:00
08.07.2021  10:30-11:30 / 15:00-16:00
09.07.2021  10:30-11:30 / 15:00-16:00 

prof. Dr. Ismail Aka library - Urban Memory of Selcuk Ephesus -  Ephesus field  - Equality unit, Women's Solidarity and Life Without Disabilities-  Child  nursing home

Trainers, Zuhal Tankaş and Gülhan Ayhan, worked with children on the themes of migration, home and travel and reached more than a hundred children. 
We prepared an album of letters and pictures produced in these workshops. During Little Amal's visit to Ephesus Selcuk, the children of Ephesus-Seljuk gave her this souvenir album as a gift.