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Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi is a Tehran-born artist who currently lives and works on the move. She graduated with a BA degree in graphic design from Central Tehran Azad University in 2004. Since 2002 she has been showing her works in various group exhibitions such as drawing exhibition in Azad Art gallery, an illustration exhibition in Andisheh Cultural Center and a painting exhibition in Javaneh Art gallery in Tehran. In 2004 she moved to Istanbul. She continued her activities by participating in Deep Depression in 2006, an multimedia exhibition in Tehran at Atbin Gallery. Her illustration was selected for Unesco’s Poster 2010 International year of the rapprochement of cultures. 

Ramezani’s Paintings has been selected for two editions of Istanbul art fair, Artist 2011 and Artist 2012. She has shown her installation “axis of evil” in Mamut Art Project in Antrepo3, in May 2013. The year 2016 her painting exhibited in “12 inches of sin” exhibition in Las Vegas.
Since early 2016 she has started a public art / installation project “Free Range” where she installed and performed it in two Acts at her own balcony in Selçuk/İzmir for 6 months. “free range project” became a solo exhibition in Dastan gallery in collaboration with “New Media Society” /Tehran and the parts of project toured Detroit (U.S), Maine, 2 Galleries in Michigan and Ohio in a group exhibition (Inner Fragment)/2018-2020 (“Free range project” is still on the move). She and Murat Savaşkan are working on “Balconnection=Using Balconies to exhibit artworks”  project. Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi and  Zahereh Donyadideh are the founders and curators of the "Autopsy Process" project from 2019 which has been designed for social media. Ramezani Tabrizi lives and works between Tehran, Istanbul & Selçuk-Ephesus. 

In June 2019  she created Balconnection Project and established an initiative.

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