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Murat Savaşkan was born in İzmir, September 1958.

His first tutor was his father Nezih Savaşkan, who also graduated from “Sanayii Nefise” (Later “Istanbul Fine Arts Academy” as it was called when Murat Savaşkan graduated, now “Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University”) under Çallı İbrahim and Hikmet Onat.

When attending the Fine Arts Academy, though he was in the Graphic Design Branch, Savaşkan luckily became a student of cornerstone artists like Edip Hakkı Köseoğlu, Nurullah Berk, Sabri Berkel as well as World acclaimed graphic artists such as Yurdaer Altıntaş, Mesut Manioğlu and Bülent Erkmen.

In 1982, just before he graduated his first solo exhibition opened at the French Cultural Center in İzmir. Later a second exhibition in İzmir again at Phœnix Gallery, a third in ‘90 at the Atatürk Library in Taksim, Istanbul and most recently in 2001 at the Notre Damme de Sıon in Elmadağ İstanbul. His work also featured in some group exhibitions, most recently in 2009 at the annual graduate’s exhibition of Mimar Sinan Universıty which travelled several cities after İstanbul.

In the last ten years Murat Savaşkan attended two national television programs about his art, and became the cover story of “Digital Photo” for his contrubutions to the digital medium. He holds a keen interest in typography (also mentioned in several periodicals such as “Grafik Tasarım” [Graphic Design]), and his font designs are appreciated worldwide; his Mutlu Ornamental Font has been downloaded more then 3 million times on the Internet.

in 2012, he moved to Selçuk where he comissioned to design corporate id and the exhibition design of Selçuk- Ephesus Collective Memory Center and along with his İstanbul studio, he still works in Selçuk.

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